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Wyrn's Commands

🏷️ Fun !8ball: Ask our very own Wyrn for advice
!games: Shows all the games currently playable in chat
!gems: Shows how many gems you have in chat
!givegems, !give gems: Give your hard earned gems to someone else
!topgems, !leaderboard: See who is the richest currently
!d20: Roll a 20 sided dice!
!love: See how much you really love someone
!slap: Hit em where it hurts
!spank: You know where this goes ;)
!watchtime: How many hours you've supported us on Twitch
!followage: How long you've been with us
!subage: How long you've been a sub for
!toptime: Who's watched the longest
🏷️ Sound Effects (Subscribers)!2000!84!ayo

bigdeal (VIP)



!dodge2, !wrench
🏷️ Other!arrive: Let chat know you're here
- !azzy: Some good clips
- !ban: When you wanna get rid of someone
- !bonk: Send someone straight to jail
- !builds: For my current Dauntless builds
- !charity: (if applicable) for the current charity we're supporting
- !cya: Say goodbye to someone in chat
- !dont, don't: We don't do that here (Black Panther)
- !discord: Come hang out with us!
- !hp (Headpats): Give loving headpats to someone
- !hug: Give someone a loving hug
- !lurk: When real life calls``
- !of (Only Fans): For some spicy content ;)
- !podcast: A podcast by yours truly, give it a listen!
- !probe: Umm...yeah...
- !sr (Stream Raiders): We need your units, come join us!
- !srhelp: If you're new and need help with Stream Raiders
!thicc: Than a bowl of oatmeal
!torg: An epic tale
- !twitter: Come follow me on the bird app
- !unlurk: Welcome back to the better Twitch world
- !wf: Warframe Referral
- !yt (YouTube): Come check out my recent videos!

Past Gems Winners

October - Backsmanguns
December - Rivers